About Us


135 years ago a small group began worshipping in the Berthoud School house. They grew, moved and found a place in the Berthoud community. They provide us our legacy as church today. We strive to continue in their spirit, as people of faith. It is our mission to nurture each other in faith, share the gospel story, and serve beyond our walls through God’s love.

We are a mix of young and old; multi-generational families and first generation church goers. We are people who live out our faith in many ways and feel it is important to have a faith that takes us beyond church. We send people to far away places to do work projects, we receive guests from the Interfaith Hospitality Network once a quarter, we make donations to the local food bank, and we serve.

We are a church that remembers we can do all things through the love God has for us, the love we have for God, and the love God encourages us to have for others.