Enjoying the Rain


This picture is special to me because I got really close with Katie and Josh during the New Orleans mission trip. They are like my older siblings and I think they are good influences on me! We laugh so much together and have an amazing time! I can’t imagine not having them as friends. I’m so blessed to have them in my life!

They are so fun to be around and they will always make you laugh and smile! I can relate to some of their problems that they have had so its fun to get different perspectives on things! Its really interesting hearing what they have gone through. It makes me think how strong they are, and what great people they are. I guess it good that they are older than me so they can give me advice and tips on things to do and not to do.

I have made so many memories with them and hope to make new ones soon! Katie loves Justin Bieber, Josh loves puns, and I love being best friends with them. Thanks for a great mission trip!

– Mia

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